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Katerina Sakellariou

We are specialized in planning and coordinating weddings or any other social events.

About Me

Exploring My Background


My name is Katerina Sakellariou, and I am the founder and owner of KS Event Planner.

Since I can remember myself, I have loved decoration and the arts. Painting is something that has fascinated me since childhood, and I began to paint from the very moment I learned how to write! Music, mathematics, physics, the universe, and every form of art are the driving forces that inspire me to create!


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What Services I’m Providing

We undertake the complete planning of your event according to your requirements.

We adjust the planning of your event depending on the available budget.

In collaboration with our experienced business florists, we undertake the complete decoration of the event.

In our store you will find a wide variety of wedding favors and baptism favors according to your requirements.

We have a wide variety of invitations and can completely design the invitation of your dreams.

We create personalized and themed baptism sets! In our store you will find testimonials and oilcloths.

We have a wide variety of furniture and equipment for the decoration of your event and we also cooperate with companies that specialize in the rental of professional equipment.

We take on the complete organization of the event and are by your side from the planning of the occasion to the perfection of the event! We handle the decoration entirely along with our collaborators!

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