About Me

Sakellariou Katerina

My name is Katerina Sakellariou, and I am the founder and owner of KS Event Planner.

Since I can remember myself, I have had a passion for decoration and the arts. Painting has captivated me since my childhood, and I started painting from the moment I learned to write! Music, mathematics, physics, the universe, and every form of art are the driving forces that inspire me to create!

Before KS Event Planner, I graduated with a degree in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Ioannina. I worked in the hospitality industry and as a freelance professional for many years.

The history of KS Event Planner begins in 2021 when I established the event planning company in Ioannina, my hometown. Since then, my passion has transformed into work, and I operate in the broader region of Epirus.

I firmly believe that each person is unique, and every couple has its own story to tell through their wedding or baptism. Based on this belief, my team and I strive to create unique, custom events, whether they have a specific theme or not.

To achieve our goals, we have carefully selected the best suppliers to fulfill our purposes. Our driving force is a direct combination of diligence and close collaboration, taking into account all factors.

My goal is to offer my clients joy and satisfaction by jointly designing the perfect event for the most significant day of their lives! Our distinctive creations, the aesthetics, and the personality of my clients are the key features that shape a perfect result for your wedding or baptism. I love unique details, colors, and flowers, avoiding excess, as for me, simplicity can become a masterpiece with the right intervention!

“At KS Event Planner, each couple is our inspiration, so together we can create your own unique story!”